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Thread: calling geocoder from different jar file

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    Default calling geocoder from different jar file

    I have a geocoding module built into our Java web application, which is able to geocode addresses entered by users, using a client-supplied address locator. I've added a new class file which will process old, un-geocoded addresses, and send them to be geocoded in batches during down times. This class, however is in our ETL program, where the infrastructure exists to check when to run, etc. That means it's in a different jar file than the main application, and runs in a separate process. So, I imported the geocoding classes into the second class from the first application, made sure the main jar file is available as a library, and wrote the code.

    When I run this new, background process, it throws a generic exception with the message "Error processing server request" when it tries to call the web service to the geocoder. I can call the exact same code successfully from within the original jar/ear file, so it just seems to be an issue of communication between the two java files. Unfortunately, the error message is almost useless, and I haven't had to troubleshoot an issue quite like this before.

    Can anyone offer any suggestions? I'd prefer not to duplicate all the geocoding code and stubs in the second project, but I'm at a loss for how to make the two jar files use the same pieces of code. I can try to diagram the setup, if my explanation doesn't make sense.

    Edit: Actually, the Exception is class org.apache.axis.AxisFault - that was hidden by my exception handling before.
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