I'm running the OD Matrix Solver using the SOAP API but I have run into an issue.

The request is submitted and seems to be processed successfully by the server however the result is never returned. My client application received a Runtime Error from the ArcGIS Server(10.0) as soon as it finished processing.

INFO2 String request succesfully processed. Response size is 4954286 characters.
INFO3 NALayer [OD Cost Matrix]: Generated 475 x 475 x 2 OD Matrix.
INFO3 NALayer [OD Cost Matrix]: Solve completed.

INFO3 NALayer [OD Cost Matrix]: Loaded 475 Destinations.
INFO3 NALayer [OD Cost Matrix]: Loaded 475 Origins.
INFO3 NALayer [OD Cost Matrix]: Copied network analysis context.
INFO2 String request received. Request size is 412511 characters.

HTTP Response:
Server Error in '/ArcGIS/Services' Application.
Stack Trace: [HttpException (0x80004005): Thread was being aborted.]

I though the issue might be the request/response size (4954286 > 4096000 ) so I increased MaxRequestSize on the ArcGIS/services web.config and recycled the app pool but that didn't solve my issue.

Smaller solver requests work fine.

Any feedback would be appreciated