Very basic tools are missing in the "ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight 3.0",

I think that any application (desktop or web) that is supposed to serve maps environment must first contain the very basic components such as those available on the “Tools” bar of the ArcGIS Desktop!

For example, I’m struggling finding the very basic tools like:

1. The scale text is not shown in the map
2. The coordinates are not shown in the map
3. “go to xy”
4. The “find” tool
5. query tool
6. Size of icons is quite small! How can they be enlarged?
7. The table of contents is not shown in the web application interface by default
8. How to turn off the “basemap”?
9. How to allow moving the layers in the table of contents up and own?

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How might a map web application miss such very basic tools like those above mentioned?

The solution might be programming! And thus all those who have no programing background are excluded!

Thank you